nuVa being used for Architecture

Collaborating Remotely at the Speed of Thought

Engaging All Your Senses

Meeting Software that Understands the Way We Work

nuVa Enterprises
nuVa, is a step-up in digital collaboration, providing a unique horizontal workspace for digital resources – no matter where they are located. The system offers a vertical visual space for communication and a horizontal space for real-time digital collaboration. It provides an experience as close to a face-to-face meeting as possible, uniting all personnel under one platform. “nuVa gives the team the capability to actually trial things that they’ve never been able to see in current technology. With the partnership between nuVa and EWR Alliance we are able to push the technology further and further. Within this we’ve been able unlock ideas and aspirations that our digital engineering team didn’t think they could’ve had with the technology they currently have.”

Alex Heward East West Rail Alliance