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nuVa is a powerful new concept taking virtual meetings & remote collaboration to the next level, allowing unlimited new innovation possibilities. Our software uniquely enables organisations using multiple complex design and ideation tools to collaborate seamlessly and effectively anywhere across the world. It will coexist easily and securely with any I.T systems you may run.


After extensive research undertaken by a number of top universities, (including M.I.T. in the US and Cambridge in the UK), the award winning nuVa software has been specifically designed to emulate a 'real life' meeting. Connecting multiple ends on audio and video call, you can see all the documents and people you need in front of you, just as you can around a meeting table. You can share any application – including CAD & BIM applications - with other users; touch, edit and annotate, all in real time. There's no time wasted with 'turn taking' or distractions caused by the handing over of control so people can contribute freely and meetings flow with ease.


With nuVa you are given the opportunity to hold rich collaborative and visual meetings, virtually, from anywhere globally, making it ideal for any team wishing to work on complex projects remotely. By using nuVa, your organisation can access and leverage knowledge from anywhere in the world, saving significant time and costs whilst producing better outcomes than before.


nuVa software is delivered over any standard 3rd party screen hardware, providing a solution for your head office, regional office and home/ flexible workers as well as for external knowledge and resources.

About nuVa

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