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Architect's Meeting

The Changing Environment creates significant Business Challenges

  • In a rapidly changing  regulatory and technological environment with increasingly demanding clients, creative design and buildability expertise is required from all parts of the practice
  • Collaboration is currently achieved by either face to face meetings or a hotch-potch of media such as e-mail with pictures, audio conferencing, etc., that are inadequate to accommodate design innovation and prone to misunderstandings
  • Apart from the significant delay in project delivery the cost of such face to face collaborative meetings may reach £5000 per meeting in the U.K. alone
  • The delay in applying knowledge to the client requirement affects the efficiency of the practice and can lead to satisfaction issues and lost business
  • It is becoming urgent for firms to understand digital transformation and how the revolutionary nuVa advanced ‘design medium’ can help businesses remain competitive in a time of massive change

Reacting to the change for business and design efficiency

  • For the last 40 years, design thinking has been trapped within the constraints of the PC desktop space
  • Architectural engineers in the defence industry recognised this and sponsored Doctoral research at Cambridge University and MIT. Out of this primary research into psychology, sociology and technology the game changing nuVa medium was created
  • nuVa “understands how Architects and Designers collaborate”. For the first time, multi-disciplinary teams can apply knowledge instantly and fluently across any distance
  • nuVa delivers the completely natural meeting experience, sharing any CAD or other applications with all relevant context, fluently around the world without any handovers or brakes on innovative design thinking
  • nuVa allows rapid response to client requirements, immediate project decisions, major business efficiencies and cost saving, reduced wear and tear on personnel, and also deliver major environmental benefits
  • The nuVa platform is “Digital Innovation” in practice allowing the sharing of all electronic documents and CAD, in a familiar way that we all understand
nuVa Workspace with Architectural Documents