nuVa Enterprises
Since the dawn of time we’ve recognised the most effective way to solve difficult issues is by face-to-face discussion; enabling an environment which harnesses creativity and allows ideas to flourish.

With the same understanding, 21st century experts designed nuVa to create an experience of equal value.

A shrinking global workspace means colleagues and project stakeholders are often many miles apart, sharing expert knowledge over different continents, cultures and time-zones.

To see the full picture we need to talk face-to-face and nuVa actually puts you in the same room regardless of where you are in the world. Creating an immersive and fully engaging workspace, nuVa is specifically designed to emulate a live meeting environment, allowing users to simultaneously share multiple documents and collaborate in the most natural way possible.

With its roots in the defence industry, nuVa is based upon groundbreaking psychological research conducted by some of the world’s top academic institutions and was conceived to enable immediate and informed decision making, remotely between global locations.

Quite simply, nuVa is the world’s leading remote meeting experience which emulates a real meeting in the best possible way. If you’re managing complex projects over global locations with multiple participants, then can you afford to not pay nuVa the attention it deserves?