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In the age of digital transformation All organisations are concerned about competitive advantage. nuVa, as it deliberately emulates a natural face to face collaborative meeting, is THE KEY element in your digital transformation policy because it serves as a remote collaborative window to the whole world of digital. In turn this allows experts from anywhere to ‘beam in’ and fix any digital issue remotely on a global basis. The organisational implications for knowledge management are immense.

Human social decision making is never superseded, therefore an optimal digital window or interface between the world of people and the world of digital is pre-requisite. nuVa is specifically designed to serve this purpose, we can share any application or model or code on a world-wide basis in microseconds. IoT sensors delivering ‘big data’ are modelled into visual elements and inevitably biased. The global nuVa virtual meeting decides the degree of bias on the models, allowing the immediate consideration and fixing of any digital issue in any industry whatever the case.

Digital Transformation

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