nuVa Hybrid Working Solution

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organisations have been forced to embrace remote working. Companies are using this opportunity to reduce operating costs in office space and travel, changing the way they go about business. This new way of working is now here to stay.

One of the challenges of moving your workforce to a hybrid model is finding the right solution for your business. Many businesses have found that complex visual work can't be achieved with existing desktop collaboration software due to difficulties in sharing and hand over control. If you or your business are in this category, then nuVa would be the ideal solution for you.

Benefits of nuVa for hybrid working

  • nuVa can be set up rapidly to enable fast change in working practices

  • Improvement in employee satisfaction – work/life balance

  • Productivity maintained or improved

  • Increased collaboration & knowledge transfer across geographies and departments

  • Improved employee retention and recruitment

  • Significant reduction in business costs

  • Significant reduction in travel, reducing carbon emissions & supporting Net Zero targets.



  • 89% of UK businesses expect hybrid working trends to become permanent following a 190% increase in remote work job postings since the beginning of the pandemic

  • Employees are keen to take advantage of the opportunities hybrid and flexible working have created; two-fifths (39%) have looked to relocate while working remotely and half want to move to a four-day week