Industry Benefits

nuVa can share any applications in broad context, allowing collaboration at the speed of thought

Innovation R&D and Speed to Market

Forward looking businesses recognise that innovation is the key to success in a fast-changing world. Integrating the benefits of visual models with ongoing IoT data, coupled with AI means that the organisation must be agilely linked in the most effective way. nuVa is THE key ingredient that can enable the release of both explicit and implicit knowledge enabling innovation for competitive advantage

 The Brain Analogy 

Your organisational knowledge centres are the neurons in the brain and nuVa as the richest possible collaborative medium in the world is the synapse. Connecting the neurons optimally decides the efficiency of the AGILE organisations that will survive and excel in the fast-moving digital world.

For the first time nuVa allows viewing of complex situations ‘all at one big hit’, socially interacting with remote experts collaborating at the speed of thought.

See how nuVa can

benefit your organisation:

 Generic benefits 

The richest possible remote meeting medium delivers benefits in knowledge management, innovation, immediate decision making, carbon and particle reduction, as well as both tangible and intangible cost reductions.