nuVa Enterprises
The global workplace is expanding as every day goes by and the need to collaborate efficiently is on an incline. The existing solutions enable your global workspace to communicate with each other. However, the value proposition is in an environment where global employees can collaborate intensely on daily tasks with each other to provide ground breaking solutions. nuVa is a unique platform for unparalleled collaboration, providing a common workspace for your global organisation to intensely collaborate with their counterparts. nuVa will empower your project management capabilities, ultimately providing the competitive edge for your organisation.
With the rise of the information age, actionable data is available in plenty. nuVa delivers a platform for intense collaboration on rich data. The nuVa workspace, through its natural and intuitive experience, accelerates the decision making process on complex issues.
Cost overruns, due to ineffective remote collaboration will be a thing of the past with nuVa. With a high definition collaboration experience created by nuVa, design ambiguities, incorrect project cost estimations and travel expenses will be reduced enormously.
nuVa is a medium to showcase every minute detail linked to a project. nuVa enables remote sharing of product, process and design specifications in depth, thereby reducing the time to market and time to delivery of products and services.

For complex projects where safety measurements are critical, nuVa is the solution. Predict project risks, communicate risks, and derive at different ways to mitigate these risks using nuVa.

With organisational data overload it is quintessential to have a medium of efficient knowledge transfer. nuVa with its ability to make data, visually intuitive & annotative, is the ideal solution for intrinsic and extrinsic knowledge transfer. Experts call nuVa, the knowledge hub.