If you are looking for a more advanced meeting solution other than today's standard desktop video apps, then you've come to the right place! nuVa virtual meeting software is suitable for any person or organisation that needs to work on complex or visual projects remotely. It is also the ideal solution for a hybrid workforce.


nuVa is easy to use, and has been specifically designed to emulate a 'real life' meeting. You can see all the documents and people you need in front of you just as you can around a real life meeting table. You can share any application with end users, touch, edit and annotate, all in real time. There's no time wasted with 'turn taking' so people can contribute freely and meetings flow with ease. With nuVa you are given the opportunity to hold extremely rich collaborative and visual meetings, virtually, from anywhere in the world.

By using nuVa your organisation can access knowledge from anywhere in the world, save significant time and costs whilst innovating better than ever before.


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