The ruggedised tablet

nuVa software delivered on an 11" screen 

The Ruggedised tablet is the ultimate tool for the worker on the road in remote locations where accessibility is limited. With nuVa they can connect with the rest of the team and work with experts back at headquarters to solve problems in real time. This allows maintenance and other similar work to be carried out faster and with better accuracy than ever before.


This easily accessible and portable device is touch and durable to work in all environments. With bright high resolution displays, toughened glass capacitive touch screens and Windows 10 as standard. WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS, front and rear cameras are also standard.



Designed to emulate a natural 'real life' meeting. Engages all your senses using touch screen technology and visuals

See ALL your documents on the same page, creating context

Drop and drag, write and draw on documents

Save work spaces to refresh on key points

Immediately open and share ANY application with end users, even if the other user does not have the application.

Audio & Video calls up to 9 users

No handing over control or 'turn taking'.

Operates in real time

Bring interactive desk into your nuVa Meetings so participants can view and co-annotate on content or over shared content


Private workspace on the system allowing you to brainstorm individually during meetings

Instantly export any file as a pdf

Compatible with all CAD programs

Works with natural human gestures to move, enlarge & rotate documents.


Tech Spec

nuVa Ruggedised Tablet 12.5”

Size: 313mm X 210mm X 23mm

Weight: 1.3kg

Operating System: Windows 10

Rugged Features:

Shock & vibration


Operating temperature -20 C to +60 C
Storage temperature -30 C to +70 C
Humidity 5% ~ 95%