nuVa Enterprises
The nuVa Clam had been specfically designed with maneuverability and flexibility in mind. It has a single stand on which both the vertical and horizontal screens requried for nuVa can sit upon. The stand itself is motorized so its height and horizontal screen tilt can be adjusted with ease. The portable stand allows users to move the nuVa system around the office, and easily go through doorways, thereby reducing contraints on where and who can use nuVa. The nuVa Clam like the Megavator is a fully integrated solution that provides you with state of the art multi-touch PCAP technology, echo cancellation microphones, industry leading webcams and motorized tilt and lift stand allowing it to be a fully portable means of collaboration.
nuVa Half Clam 40"
nuVa CLAM 40"

Size: 1.5m X 1.5m X 2m
Weight: All elements 128kg
Operating System: Windows 7 or above
External PC Required
USB (4)
Display Port