The megavator

nuVa software delivered on a 65" or 55" touch screen

The Megavator is our meeting room solution, designed to allow multiple participants to gather around nuVa at each end and work together. Due to its impressive size the Megavator is best suited for placement in large offices and collaboration spaces i.e. company headquarters and breakout zones.

Standard video conferencing is no longer powerful enough to provide adequate understanding to solve complex problems and sustainable solutions. It is a complete solution to provide the best meeting environment possible, with state of the art multi-touch PCAP technology, echo cancellation microphones, industry leading webcams and motorized tilt and lift stand. The Megavator’s intuitive nature allows users of any ability to work interactively and concurrently with knowledge workers worldwide.



Designed to emulate a natural 'real life' meeting. Engages all your senses using touch screen technology and visuals

See ALL your documents on the same page, creating context

Drop and drag, write and draw on documents

Save work spaces to refresh on key points

Immediately open and share ANY application with end users, even if the other user does not have the application.

Audio & Video calls up to 9 users

No handing over control or 'turn taking'.

Operates in real time

Bring interactive desk into your nuVa Meetings so participants can view and co-annotate on content or over shared content


Private workspace on the system allowing you to brainstorm individually during meetings

Instantly export any file as a pdf

Compatible with all CAD programs

Works with natural human gestures to move, enlarge & rotate documents.


Tech Spec



nuVa Megavator 55"

Size: 1.8m X 1.8m X 2m
Weight: All elements 128kg


Operating System: Windows 7 or above

External PC Required


USB (4)
Mini Display Port
3.5mm Stereo Out


nuVa Megavator 65"

Size: 2m X 2m X 2m

Weight: All elements 170kg

Operating System: Windows 7 or above

External PC Required

USB (4)
3.5mm Stereo Out